Housing Resources

Clean, attractive apartment communities defy stereotypes of "low-income" housing, offering hope and help to families working to improve their lives.

An integral part of our mission involves providing individuals and families with opportunities for accessible housing in communities across the nation. Provident owns and operates comfortable, affordable housing communities for low- and moderate-income residents across the country. But our organization offers much more than just comfortable places to live and reasonable rents. Provident's Service-Enriched Housing Program goes beyond bricks and mortar, improving the lives of everyone it touches. The program encompasses a range of services from wellness workshops, transportation, and on-site dental care to after-school programs. In recognition of these efforts, several of Provident's communities have been recognized as "Communities of Quality" by the National Affordable Housing Management Association. Assisting residents in this manner helps them become more engaged in their lives and, ultimately, their communities.

"Service enriched housing is really at the heart of our effort to fulfill our mission in terms of providing safe, affordable and decent housing for individuals to become self-sustaining, to have self-respect and dignity."
— Debra W. Lockwood, Provident President & CFO