Healthcare Resources

Provident seeks to promote professional, patient-centered care in the facilities we maintain and communities we serve.

Accessible quality health care can make a fundamental difference in the lives of people. Yet today, health systems are finding it more and more difficult to help those in need while keeping pace with developing technology, changing patient demographics, and facility needs. In response, Provident serves its charitable missions by undertaking a broad range of services, activities, and programs promoting quality acute health care and primary health care. We seek to provide health care to those who need it most, regardless of their stage of life or health. We desire to serve the health care needs of the citizens of Provident communities by providing quality health services and facilities and promoting wellness while relieving suffering and restoring health – quickly, safely, and humanely. We achieve this through quality, efficient, and patient-centered care, consistent with the best and most professional service we can provide, at the highest value possible.

"With the focus on delivering quality care to patients, health care providers are challenged with operating under the uncertainty of health care reform and in the face of the reality of payment reductions. Provident shares the mission of delivering quality health care and offers an efficient alternative to providing funding for capital facilities in the most economical way possible."
— Vicki L. Briggs, St. Vincent's Medical Center President & CEO